Care Wash Services gives timely and cost – effective solutions to the hospitality and service industry by providing a tailored and unique provision of service to each client.

By understanding your needs, we will help you design a specific service to meet your day to day requirements to help you improve the image and the quality of your business.

Whether it is Customer Own Goods service, or on a rental contract basis with the provision of our material, we will work with you to take the burden of this ancillary service away from you with the reassurance that our professional and high quality service will allow you to focus on your most important aspect of your business and your customers.

Our stock consists of a wide variety of fabric and we offer different types and grades to ensure that our service will meet the particular need of your market. From the standard grade to the top end luxury market, we will be able to provide you a cost effective solution supported by our robust systems in administration, logistics and quality assurance.

Our package includes cross infection prevention services which ensure that all our wash will kill the most persistent virus or bacteria such MRSA and Clostridium difficile: through our unique ozonated programme.

We will provide you with a qualitative service based on quality checks and deliver to you on time a sanitized product with a distinctive natural fresh smell.

Our service run every day of the year and the company benefit from a contingency planning arrangement to ensure that your service is never disrupted, if a disaster struck in any of our unit, we will transfer all the laundry to our closest laundry unit without any delay to you, you will never know the difference.