Care Wash are specialists in total laundry disinfection providing cost-effective solutions to the hospitality and service industry.

By ensuring the service is tailored to your unique needs we are able to meet your day to day laundry requirements; which can help you improve the image and the quality of your business.

We hold stock in a wide variety of fabrics and offer different styles and grades to ensure that our service will meet the particular need of your market. From the standard grade to high end luxury market, we are able to provide you a value for money solution supported by our robust systems in administration, logistics and quality assurance.

Care Wash operate every day of the year and benefit from a contingency planning structures to guarantee that your service is never disrupted, if a disaster struck in any of our units, we will transfer all the laundry to the closest unit without any delay to you- you will never know the difference!

In short, we can provide you with a superior service based on quality checks and deliver to you on time a sanitized product with a distinctive natural fresh smell.

Our Laundry Solution entails:

  • A full an comprehensive service this is tailor made
  • Investment in stock of textile goods- meaning no outlay cost to you
  • We allow you flexibility to change types and grades of fabric at will to meet any changes in your client base without having the inconvenience of costly stock changes.
  • Having your organisations laundry needs met by a high quality service enables you to focus on your core business
  • Our billing and delivery system allow us (and you) to view and print reports that control usage and increase your bottom line (ask a representative to see sample reports).