Ozone natures superbug killer.


Care Wash offer a collection and delivery service which is tailored to meet your needs. In addition, the unique and innovative techniques we use during the laundry process ensure that all linens are free from infection while ensuring that garment care and quality is maintained; putting Care Wash at the forefront for Community Laundry Services.

With our detailed knowledge and experience of working with vulnerable adults in the community, we bring an added value dimension to a laundry service. Service users can rest assured in the knowledge that the laundry service is operated by a provider experienced in and fully aware of issues such as adult safeguarding and the personalisation agenda.

Care Wash immediately investigates any incidents of failed laundry collections/delivery to protect the well being of vulnerable adults using the laundry service. Where applicable we will report to the relevant authority (public sector clients only).

Staff operating the service are carefully selected, CRB checked and thoroughly trained and competent in all aspects of working with vulnerable adults (including codes of conduct and Essential Standards of Quality and Safety).

Unique Services

  • All staff are CRB checked
  • ‘No Response’ incidents are investigated and reported
  • Understanding of and training provided in areas such as infection control, SOVA, personalisation and essential standards of quality and safety
  • Safeguarding incident reporting
  • Total disinfection of soiled items using Ozone technology
  • Comprehensive staff training in laundry services
  • Door to door collection
  • Tailor made services
  • 24 hour 7 day per week operation
  • Environmentally friendly services
  • Specialists in garment care